The Music Of Ralph Colicchio

In this category I would like to present the music of Ralph Colicchio.

This is a wonderful tenor banjo solo for all dancer of the the famous charleston. All the Lindy-Hop dancers should be ready when this hot composition is played.

Here you can see the cover of the playable tune "Cuttin' Up".

My personal favourite Ralph Colicchio composition "Teasin' The Frets".

This solo is a superb composition. It is really hot and jazzy.

Another interesting tenor banjo solo is called "Blue Belles". In this solo you have a lot of bars, in which you can imitate bell-ringing.

A very nice composition is called "Pepper & Salt". You have characteristic Ralph Colicchio picking styles, which give the tenor banjo a kind of "bluegrass" touch.

This composition is really fast and will burn your fingers. It is called "Go Go!" and that is the programm of this superb banjo tune.

A beautiful 3/4 composition is Ralph Colicchio's "Valse Adoration". The whole fingerboard of the banjo is used. Also you tremolo single-string notes, as well as ring some jazzy chords.

One of the best method books for the technique of the left and right hand.

A superb method for the technique of the left hand is Ralph Colicchio's "Tenor Banjo Method". You can develop very fast fingering of the left. There are many exercises for single-string runs for the left hand in every position. The book does not cope with chords, passing chords, harmony and strokes.

Arrangments Of Ralph Colicchio

Apart from the compositions of Ralph Colicchio you have to mention his scores of arrangments of popular songs, like the Irving Berlin folios. All of these arrangments are very well thought out and playable. You have also a very nice piano accompaniment. I'm still looking for volumes four, eight and nine. I would be very happy to swap my music with you.

Ralph Colicchio has also made superb arrangments of popular jazzy tunes from the 1920's in the "Robins Tenor Banjo Series". Many of the other published folios in this series were arranged by Will D. Moyer. I'm always looking for other published folios in this serie. So I would be very happy to swap my music with you.

An arrangment of a very popular jazzy melody from the 1920's in the not so often used 6/8 beat you can see here. This arrangment is one of a lot of his arrangments, which are included in a multi-instrument sheet music series of popular song hits of the "Roarin' Twenties".

"I'll Love You In My Dreams" is a fantastic tune for the banjo. There are a lot of arrangments for the tenor banjo, but as always Ralph Colicchio's arrangment is work from a banjoist for banjoists.

A romantic melody is the tune "Lonesome Lover". Ralph Colicchio's arrangment uses a lot of nice three-string chords for the tenor banjo.

Another melodiuos tune is the sweet composition "Love Is Like That". Ralph Colicchio's arrangment includes very nice tremolo notes, which match with the characterisc of this song very well.

Ralph Colicchio's arrangment is in F-major and uses three string chords in the first position. It is a very playable arrangment for the tenor banjo.

Here you have a wonderful melody, which is called "One Heavenly Night" in a 3/4 beat. Ralph Colicchio uses a lot of three-string chords in the first position for his arrangment, which is written out in the key of Bb-Major.

Another jazzy melody in B-major is called "Sweetheart Of My Studentdays". In his arrangment Ralph Colicchio uses a lot of tremolo and single-string runs.

This is a very melodious arrangment of the waltz "The Waltz You Saved For Me". Ralph Colicchio uses a lot of tremolo and passing chords in this arrangment.