The Music Of Mario De Pietro

In this category I would like to present the music of Mario De Pietro.

Here you can see the suberp virtuistic composition "Keyboard Kapers". Mario De Pietro is using unusual chord formation, which give a closer tone dis

A very nice composition for the tenor banjo is "Frivolous Joe". In this solo Mario De Pietro has used a lot of single-string triplet runs, which give a very jazzy sound.

This is a very fast solo called "Try To Play It!". It is in 2/4 and has a lot of fast single-string runs.

Recordings of Mario De Pietro

Here I'm presenting my favourite recordings of Mario De Pietro. For a few of them I have made transcriptions, which give you a exact notation and tab sheet of the played music.

This is a very hot recording of Mario De Pietro and his "Melody Makers" playing the well known "Temptation Rag". His arrangment is very fast and syncopated. There is a wonderful 3/4 interlude, which give you a lovely melody of the main theme.

Certainly you can hear another Mario De Pietro composition. I'm do not know the name of this lovely tune, so any suggestions are welcome!

Here you can listen to a rare recording of Mario De Pietro playing together with Jean Melville on the piano Harry Reser's composition "Lolly Pops".

This is a recording, which includes a wonderful mandolin tune called "Rosmarin" followed by the Harry Reser composition "Lolly Pops". Both pieces are played by Mario De Pietro with the accompaniment of Jean Melville. Imagine how difficult it can be to switch from one instrument to another.

Together with Celia Rowley on the piano, Mario De Pietro is playing a medley of melodious tunes on the tenor banjo. You can also hear an unknown orchestra giving another accompaniment.

Hear you can hear another wonderful medley of Mario De Pietro. At the beginning he is playing the leitmotif of Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# minor. After that we suppose the interesting tune "Sahara" is played. The medley ends with the melodious tune "'I never knew a Baby Like You" with a typicall Mario De Pietro ending.

Recordings With Picture Slideshows Of Mario De Pietro

One of favourite Mario De Pietro compositions is "Frivolous Joe". A lot of fine triplets runs and special chords give the composition a wonderful jazzy character.

Another superb arrangment is Mario De Pietro's version of Henry Steele's "Keyboard Kapers".