The Music Of Harry Reser

In this category I would like to present the music of the famous plectrum and tenor banjo artist Harry Reser.

Maybe the best method book, which has been written for the tenor banjo is Harry Reser's "Manual Of Tenor Banjo Technique". All the knowledge and all the tricks how to master the tenor banjo are mentioned in this book.

Very hot breaks are presented in the seperate book "Breaks By Harry Reser". There are very technical, melodious and harmonious breaks, which are usuable for every banjoist.

Another vintage folio, which has been arranged and edited by Harry Reser is the so called "De Sylva Brown & Handerson Inc. Tenor Banjo Folio". It is arranged for two tenor banjos.

This vintage album of popular and jazzy tunes has been arranged by Harry Reser and was compiled and etided by Roy Smeck. It is a very playable and easy to handle tenor banjo book.

In this book you have many solos of Harry Reser. You have standard notation and the piano accompaniments to his compositions. Sometimes these notes differ from the music, which Harry Reser has recorded.

Here you can see the cover of a modern tenor banjo book of Harry Reser, which includes a lot of popular solos for the tenor banjo.

This is the cover of another modern Reser book. In this book you have also didactic hints for playing the tenor banjo.

A wonderful melodious solo is "Crazy Jo'". In this issue the solo has been arranged for the tenor and plectrum banjo. A piano accompaniment is there, too. I have a self recorded piano accompaniment for this solo, which you can send you for your playing.

Another hot and technical composition is "Pickin's".

A very sucessful composition was "Clicquot". So it has been published for the piano as a solo, too.

This is the cover of a 20 lessons course of Harry Reser, which was used as a correspondence course.