The Music Of A. J. Weidt

Here you can enjoy the music of A. J. Weidt

Here you can the cover and the table of content of a wonderful A. J. Weidt playing book.

Weidt's Tenor Banjo Collection

A wonderful series of compositions and arrangments of the multi-string instrument specialist Albert J. Weidt is his at least in five books published "Weidt's Tenor Banjo Collection". All the solos of these books I have additionally arranged in a brand new notation and tabulature (TAB) layout, like my "Banjochrille" books.

The first volume of his tenor banjo solo composition includes the Banjoist's favourite "My Lady Jazz".

Here is another issue of A. J. Weidt's first volume, but this issue includes four other songs, which were not included in the other issue.

The third album includes the well known "Persian Lamb Rag" and a wonderful Melody called "Whispering Winds".

Like in the case of the first volume, also the third album has two different issues, which differ from each other in five tunes.

The fourth folio of A. J. Weidt has many different sounding melodies. You have Japenese sounding themes, like "Jinrikisha" or Egyptian serenades like "On The Nile".

I'm not sure, but maybe volume five has been also the last folio in A. J. Weidt's Tenor Banjo collection. In this album you have songs like "La Paloma" or "Got Cha'".